Down Memory Lane: Local Schools

The name Myshall “Midh Íseal” means 'low plain' and the village also gives its name to the towns land and parish. The buildings which were prominent when the village was planned in the 17th century are now domestic residences, shops and bars but retain their charm of former days.

Rathnageeragh National School

Rathnageeragh National School

Rathnegeeragh School c.1932
Rathnageeragh National School c.1932

Boys School Myshall

Boys School [Photograph 1]


Girls School [Photograph 2]


Girls School [Photograph 3]


Girls School [Photograph 4]


Boys School [Photograph 5]


Boys School [Photograph 6]


National School [Photograph 7]


National School [Photograph 8]


National School [Photograph 9]


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