The parish of Myshall is very proud to have among its inhabitants a man who is known the length and breadth of Ireland as a writer, storyteller and recitation artist. Jim is one of those individuals who was always involved in local community activities and was a member of Myshall Drama Group from its inception. With the introduction of the Scór competition, the non-playing section of the G.A.A. Jim really came into his own acting in small sketches and saying recitations. He has a number of Leinster titles to his name for these recitations and sketches and reached the All-Ireland Finals on numerous occasions.



It is hard to imagine that a local man could be bigger than bands like Boyzone, Oasis or The Cranberries but that is how it is with Ireland’s most unlikely pop star Richie Kavanagh from Raheenwood, Myshall. He readily admits he can’t sing, that he ‘looks terrible’ and that he was dreadful in school so what made Richie so famous? – a suggestive anthem ‘Aon Focal Eile’ which is broadly speaking about learning Irish in the local school.



Scór is a word that means a lot to many of the people of our parish. It is the cultural arm of the G.A.A. and consists of Instrumental music, Set and figure dancing, solo singing, Group Singing, Recitation, Sketch and Question Time. All are competitive events with the winners going right through to an All-Ireland Final providing terrific entertainment. Its aim when it was founded in 1969 was to fill a great void left in the G.A.A. when the field games were over and with no activity for the long dark winter nights. This was when floodlights in pitches for winter training were unheard of.



There is a wonderful tradition of drama and entertainment in Myshall. Here you will find one of the most talented and innovative populations in the country. There is documentary evidence going back as far as 1908 to show that plays and concerts were popular pastimes in the area. The 20th century is dotted with great productions -"Knocknagow" in the 1940's, many of J.B. Keane's plays throughout the 1950's and 1960's when being a member of Myshall Drama Society was coveted by parishioners and those in surrounding areas alike. The pre-television days were filled with local talent, song & story, concerts and céilí.



The Flanagan/Kirwan School of Irish Dancing opened its class in Myshall in September 2004. The school has two qualified teachers: Hazel Flanagan from Athy, Co. Kildare and Emily Kirwan from Rathoe, Co. Carlow

Since the classes opened they have been very successful in the Myshall area with classes increasing in size each year. The pupils were all very eager to learn the art of Irish Dance from the very beginning. The Myshall class consists of boys and girls from 3 years upwards.



Garryhill pairing of Adrian and Derek Ryan created history on the 9th of March 2005 by winning a song contest organised to find a flagship Song for County Carlow which could be used for Tourism and Sporting Occasions.



"In the picture stands the only adult connected with the band. She is Mrs. Ryan, Assistant Teacher at Garryhill and wife of the Principal, and it was she who started the band ago."

"Now all Carlow is piping behind her and all Ireland listens and whistles when the Children broadcast from Radio Éireann."