Discovering Myshall & Drumphea

Welcome to Myshall & Drumphea parish website. The purpose of this website is to provide current and historic information about our unique community for people from the area and across the globe.

Aerial photograph of Myshall village in 2003

The parish of Myshall & Drumphea is south of Carlow just off the main Wexford road at the base of the north–western slopes of the Blackstairs mountains. The lofty summit and haunting splendor of Mount Leinster provides a magnificent backdrop for the surrounding lowlands, with wide open spaces and picturesque countryside.

The parish has a rich history with historical attractions and links with internationally renowned figures.

Our website tries to capture the essence of the parish by highlighting the many clubs and societies in the parish which provide opportunities for the community to participate in a wide range of activities. As the website develops we will put up regular news updates and information items about upcoming events.

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Drumphea National School