The area was originally evangelised in the 5th century by St. Foirtcheirn, a grandson to Lasire High King of Ireland at the time of St. Patrick. Foirtcheirn had been Bishop of Trim, Co. Meath but left his See to take part in the conversion of the country. A ruined pre-Norman church, called after St. Finian b. 454, a student of Foirtcheirn, stands almost opposite the Catholic Church of the Holy Cross. Finian known as “The tutor of the Saints of Ireland” was a native of the townsland of Rossacurra near Myshall. Later an angel led Finian to a spot beside the river Boyne, Clonard, Co. Meath where he founded one of the “greatest schools in Ireland” and where he died about the middle of the sixth century. But Myshall remembers her son with pride and honours him as one of the famous men of Ireland.

Bullaun stone in the cemetery of St. Finian's Church

St. Finian's Church, Myshall

The church remains include the west gable and part of the side walls. The door in the gable shows that the building is one of considerable antiquity. There is a handsome semicircular arched doorway in the middle gable measuring 6 ft. high including the arch. The arch is of cut granite and the walls are of mixed granite and slate. In the middle of the seventeenth century the building was reduced to its present day ruins by Cromwell’s troops.

Teachers of Clonard N.S. at twinning with Myshall in 2000

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