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Myshall Sportsman's Club (Gun Club) can trace its origins back to the early 1960's when the National Association of Regional Game Councils was founded. The first meeting of the Carlow Branch was held in the Royal Hotel Carlow in 1961. Fr. Burke, C.C. Myshall was elected its first chairman, leading the way for Myshall sportsmen to play an active and responsible role in game and gun maintenance and control.

The goal of the Club is the conservation and enrichment of all the aspects of the countryside and the rural way of life. Our dedicated membership is drawn from both the farming and business community, as well as teachers, tradesmen and our local Garda.

Today there are many different projects and activities, which the club voluntarily initiates which not only benefit the natural wildlife but the entire community. One of the main missions of our club is the conservation of the natural environment in our community. The improvement and expansion of the habitat of our beautiful game birds, including pheasant, grouse, partridge, snipe and woodcock, is always to the forefront of our efforts. Even more so now, after the collapse of the beet industry, when many thousand acres of natural cover and food sources were lost. All species of bird need the benefits of such projects nationwide. This in turn benefits greatly the entire songbird population.

Another aspect of these programs is the rear and release of many game birds. Even though some of these birds are hunted, the vast majority are left alone. These and other similar projects are the reason why all game bird species populations are increasing nationwide. if they were left along to their own devices they would simply not survive, as was seen with the grouse. Thankfully now through a lot of effort and hard work they are making a significant comeback to most parts of the country,

Vermin control is regularly undertaken by our members. This incorporates control of fox, magpie and all other vermin and pest species. This is of great importance to the farming community in respect to their livestock, but to the wider community also. Failure to control the likes of magpies and grey crows would eventually lead to the decimation of most of the songbird species.

The Club Land consists of over 2000+ acres of parkland, bog land, forestry and wetland.

The Sportsman's Club has a vibrant clay pigeon activities. We have held the County Carlow Sporting Shoot in the past, as well as our own annual sporting and D.T.L. competitions. Casual shoots are also available. Many members are very keen shoots, with many having the distinction of representing County Carlow in the All-Ireland Shoot and indeed some having participated at international level in Canada and the U.S.A.

Overall, the Club tries to strike the right balance between sport, conservation and control.

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