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Myshall has some unusual local traditions. One of these is the gift of bone setting. Back in the sixties some of the older people at the time said it was the O’Neill family (probably) better known as Nail of Myshall for four hundred years).

Through the generations it has been handed down from father to son or daughter. In 1960 everyone around thought the end had come. Pat O’Neill died (R.I.P.). He had only one daughter, Sr. Teresa F.C.J. . His sister Birdie O'Neill lived and practiced bone setting in Inistioge. None of her children had the gift. Then people started coming to Hollybrook, Myshall were Danny and Margaret O'Neill, nephew and niece of Pat, lived.

It all began again slowly, one today and no one the next day. Slowly it built up. Word of mouth spread the news and people were coming form all parts of the country and even abroad. One Italian so pleased with Danny brought himself and his wife Tess to Italy to see his sister who was unable to travel. This was some experience as they lived in a village, Rocasica, up in the hills some eighty miles from Rome. They were years behind Ireland. They brought their shopping home on a donkey with two bags on his back!

Thank God for such a great gift! Danny has seven children. Two boys and five girls and with Gods help may the bone setting continue for future generations.

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