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Since Michael Cusack lit the flame of the Gaelic Athletic Association, in Hayes Hotel, Thurles in November 1884, the parish of Myshall and Drumphea, embraced this new organisation and it was an outlet for the young men of the parish. A team was formed and took part in the first championships organised in Carlow in 1887. Drumphea won a junior football championship in 1916, Myshall won the Junior football championship in 1928, and 1938 and the Intermediate in 1939. The parish hit a lean period in the forties. In 1955 a team was again formed in the parish, and with great players, success was slow. Present Parish Priest Fr. Philip O'Shea had come in 1963 as a C.C. He put in tremendous work with the juveniles which led to great success in years to come. Hurling was started in the parish in 1961 and Myshall and Ballinree Utd. team contested the 1965 junior hurling championship final.

1968 was a turning point in the parish Naomh Eoin G.A.A. was formed embracing the whole parish. It was the first year that organised and modern training methods came to the club. With a blend of youth and experience Naomh Eoin won three competitions, junior hurling championship, and league, and junior football league in that year. In 1969, the club won the junior football championship; a year later they won the intermediate football championship, and returned to senior grade for the first time in thirty years. They now had a senior hurling and senior football team and the outside world and press began to sit up and take notice of this club. All the people and players were putting in a huge effort for the club and success, of which they were many, came with extraordinary preparation and sacrifice.

Naomh Eoin won their first Senior Hurling Championship in 1974 and they hold eighteen in all, the last in 2005. They won the U-14 Hurling Championship the same year and this was the stepping stone to many outstanding victories at juvenile, and under age level, over the next three years.

1986 was a unique year as the club won the Senior Football and Senior Hurling Championship double, first time ever achieved in Carlow. There have been many milestones in the history of the club and the club has set many targets to achieve in the respective schools, colleges and universities, winning Leinster and All-Ireland titles in hurling and football. A number had the honour of captaining teams to All-Ireland victories. The club are proud of their players that have received All-Star Awards. Naomh Eoin has made outstanding contributions to Carlow G.A.A. County teams through the years with players, mentors and officials.

In 1996 Naomh Eoin G.A.A. Club purchased ten acres of land, which they have developed into two excellent playing pitches as well as building a state of the art club pavilion. In 2005 the club installed a lighting programme which allows games and training, through the dark winter nights.

Myshall Team 1928

Myshall Team 1930's

Myshall Football Team 1938



Naomh Eoin 1974 first Senior Hurling Championship

Front Row (L-R): Willie Eustace, Eamon Quirke (1-2), James Eustace, Brian Fox, Sean Quirke, Micky Nolan (0-1), Pat Nolan (0-5)  Back Row (L-R): Andy Ryan (0-1), John O'Hara, Pat Kehoe, Paddy Quirke (0-5), Liam Fox (1-0), Jimmy Doyle (0-1), John Foley, Tom Foley.  Referee: Paddy Johnson, Kilkenny

Naomh Eoin 1975 Football team

Naomh Eoin 1986 football team

The club also commenced a huge ground programme in mid July 2007 which has a state-of-the-art all-weather surface on the two pitches.

Naomh Eoin wish to acknowledge the huge loyal financial support they receive from the parish, also the National Lottery who believe in the programme that is ongoing with their great financial support, as does Leinster Council and Croke Park. The policy of the club is to promote sport, coach all young people in the skills of hurling and football and discipline, in a happy and enjoyable environment and to provide all the facilities that are needed for the youth of our parish. The club wish to thank all the people who have made the club so successful as they strive for greater victories to come.

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