Garryhill Pitch and Putt club was founded in 1967 under the chairmanship of Fr. O’Shea who was then a curate in Myshall Parish. The first secretary/treasurer of the club was Mrs. Cecilia Ryan a position she held up to 1974. The course was established on grounds owned by Miss Millie O’Connell who very kindly gave free use of the land in the first year. To raise funds the club ran several Goose clubs at Christmas Time but members socialised a lot and held a Dinner Dance annually in the Slaney Hotel, Tullow.

Two years after its foundation in 1969 two big improvements were made - the erection of a prefab Barna Building and the course was extended. It was further extended in 1970 to 18 holes and three new fairways and greens were added onto the old course and six new fairways and greens in an adjoining field. By 1973 it had all the requirements of a first class club having had a water sprinkling system installed in 1971 and toilets in 1972. Although Fr. O’ Shea’s departure in 1972 to Ballyconnell was a big blow to the club the membership had almost doubled by 1975.

During its existence the club hosted and won the Regional Board Inter Club League competition and Regional Championship Competitions. It was also the venue for a qualifying round of the men’s stroke play Championship competition. It held very successful open days each year with on one occasion up to 184 record breaking entries with players travelling from as far away as Laois, Kildare, Wexford, Kilkenny, Tipperary and Dublin.

Unfortunately in 1976 the land went up for sale and while the lease wasn’t up for renewal until the following year it was the beginning of the end for the club. It moved to ‘The Ranch’ Myshall but only a few of the previous members continued playing and there was very little interest. Soon the club had ceased to exist except in name only and in 1985 the existing members decided to divide up its assets, which were quite considerable at £1157.16 and £230 was allotted to each of the following: Garryhill N..S. Basketball Pitch, Juvenile G.A.A. Drumphea, Senior Citizens Myshall, Garryhill Handball Club and Cheshire Home Tullow. Any remaining funds were given for a Mass offered for the deceased members of Garryhill Pitch & Putt Club.

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