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Community Alert is a community programme organised by voluntary groups in association with Muintir na Tíre and An Garda Síochána. It is about creating and maintaining a caring community, it aims to allay fear and reduce feelings of isolation and is about partnership with you and the other voluntary agencies in your community.

Myshall and Drumphea have a long tradition of neighbourliness and caring, from the days when people depended on each others help to cut the hay or borrow a simple utensil, in bad times of poverty, sickness and death or good times of joy and celebration, assistance was never far away.

Thus, it was a natural progression for Muintir na Tire to initiate a Community Alert Programme in line with National Policy in 1985, which was in response to attacks on elderly people around the country.

Our aim is to raise the awareness of everybody to the presence of any suspicious activity and report it to the Gardaí and to try and preserve the quality of life of those living in our community especially the more vulnerable.

We encourage everyone to get to know their neighbours and to be good neighbours - small things can make a big difference in the lives of those who live alone. We would also advocate that everyone in this community, as in every rural area, needs everyone else! We all have a duty to play our part. We see Community Alert as being about the enhancement and maintenance of our caring community.

We have had a very good working relationship with the Dept of Social, Community and Family Affairs - over the years receiving approximately 30,000 Euros for the provision of security alarms, window and door locks and outdoor lighting. We see the liaison between our local Garda - and the committee as an essential part of Community Alert.

Community Alert can make your community a safer place

Community Alert would welcome new members who might like to get involved in the community – meetings are held in Roberts Lounge and advertised in the local newsletter. Even if you are a bit shy of meetings, you could drop in on a neighbour to see that they are O.K. over the winter months for a chat, a cup of tea or bring a newspaper – many people would appreciate your attention no matter how brief. Do you know of someone who could do with extra security measures or maybe of someone who does not know how to go about getting help? Get in touch with committee members Mairead Kavanagh, James O’Brien, Seamus O’Brien, P.J. Walsh or Garda Collins can be contacted at Myshall Garda Station – Tel. 059 9157622. The following are some pointers that could be considered in creating greater community awareness and alertness.

What Can You Do?

Some Advice For Everyday Home Security

Your community needs you - play your part!

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