A small amenity park in the village contains a water wheel, a bullaun stone and a holy well dedicated to St. Brigid after whom the park is called. There are no known traditions of cures or pilgrimages associated with the well but a patron (pattern) was held annually here on the 14th day of September – the feast of the Holy Cross – titular feast of Myshall. A sheep fair was held on this date up to the 1960’s.

The spring from which the well is fed is in the adjoining graveyard. Three stone steps lead down to the well and there is a large opening for the overflow.

Tobar Bhríde

Bullaun stone in St. Finian's Church, Myshall

The Water Wheel

The current water wheel in the village dates back to September 1993 when the Kavanagh Brothers Mick and Pat, from Raheenleigh presented it to the Tidy Towns Committee. They designed, built and erected it themselves and painted it in the colours of Naomh Eoin – black & amber! It replaced an earlier model that had been too ancient to repair.

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